Clean Computer Inside

Benefits: The inside of the computer is the most important part of the computer that needs to be cleaned. Removing dust from the computer vents increases the internal air circulation. If you don't remove the dust the circuit boards it can slow down or interfere with the connections running through the circuit boards. Dusting the inside of your computer also prevents it from overheating.

Cleaning the Inside of The Computer
1. Turn off and unplug the computer.

2. Remove the casing of the computer (directions should be in your computer manual). It is recommended that you bring the computer outside at this point because in the next step there'll be a lot of dust coming out of your computer.

3. Use the can of air to clean out the dust from the vents and the fan in the back of the computer.

4. Use a can of air to blow the dust out of the computer going in one direction while using short bursts of air (you want to clean all the circuit boards, underneath the motherboard, the bottom of the case, get rid of dust on any of your drives and blow air into the power supply box). You want to try to get as much dust out of the computer as you can, if there is dust on the inside of the case you should try to get that out of there as well. Try to avoid any direct physical contact with any circuits in the computer.

5. Put the case back on.

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