Laptop Cleaning

Benefits: Laptop cleaning is a quick fix for sticky keys and blurred screens. In just a few minutes, cleaning also can improve the overall performance of your notebook.

Cleaning Tools
Tools for cleaning a laptop are easy to find and inexpensive. A lint free cloth and an old toothbrush will generally do the job. However, for some areas of cleaning, in place of the toothbrush you may want to use compressed air or invest in a computer vacuum.

1. Turn off your laptop. Give it a minute or so to totally power down and then unplug it.

2. Clean your screen. LCD screens are fragile. Do check your manufacturer’s recommendation for the best way to clean yours. However, in most cases, all you need do is wipe it with a damp cloth, making sure to wring out all excess moisture. Most importantly, unless you manufacturer recommends differently, don’t use alcohol or ammonia based cleaners.

3. Wipe down the keyboard. Remove crumbs and debris using your toothbrush (or compressed air or vacuum). Wipe again.

4. Remove dust and debris from vents with the toothbrush. The propellant in compressed air may contain moisture. Some manufacturers suggest that computer vacuums may damage electronic components. Remember always to check your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tip: Always use a lint free cloth to clean your computer. Instead of picking up debris, paper toweling can scratch your screen and leave paper lint on your machine.
Tip: Never spray any cleaner directly onto your computer. Always wet the cloth with the cleaner whether using water, a homemade solution, or a commercial preparation.

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