Cleaning Monitor-Screen (LCD, flat panel)

Benefits: A clean screen on your monitor gives you a clearer view of the items displayed on your computer.

Cleaning the Screen
1. Turn off the monitor

2. Dampen a clean soft cotton cloth with water and gently wipe the screen starting from the top of the screen to bottom wiping in a downward motion. For LCD (laptop and flat panel) screens be careful not to press too hard or else you may damage the screen. (Using a paper towel or dirty cloth can scratch the screen, also using methyl chloride, acetone, ethyl acid, ethyl alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners can damage the screen, LCD monitors are especially sensitive to these agents.)

Cleaning the Monitor Casing
1. Turn off the monitor

2. Dampen a cloth or paper towel with a mild cleaning agent and wipe down the casing, especially the top as this is where most of the dust tends to be. Don't put too much liquid on the cloth where it might drip through the holes and into the computer monitor.

3. Use a can of air and blow in the holes to get the any dust that may be in there out (Alternatively you can use a vacuum cleaner and suck the dust out).

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