Computer Mouse Cleaning

Benefits: For a mechanical mouse cleaning it will make the mouse run smoother and for all mousses in general cleaning it will improve it's appearance and give it a feeling of cleanliness.

Cleaning the Mouse
1. Unplug the mouse.

2.Dampen a paper towel or cotton cloth with a mild cleaning agent and wipe down the top and bottom of the mouse. (If you are using an optical mouse then this is all you need to do.)

3. Turn the mouse upside down and remove the circular mouse cover on the back by turning the cover counter-clockwise, once you have opened it the ball should come out of the mouse.

4. You should see two rollers inside of the mouse, use your fingernail and remove as much gunk as you can from the wheels.

5. Next take a cotton swab and dampen it with mild cleaning agent and clean the two wheels.

6. To clean the ball just use your finger and take off any dirt/hair that you see on it (alternatively you can just use a piece of tape to grab any particles that may be on the mouse ball) and run it under water. After it dries you can put the ball back into the mouse and plug the mouse back into the computer.

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